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Challenges of Leadership and Learning Organization

Blog 5 In the ever-evolving world today, learning is key to success in an organization and one which leaders cannot simply overlook or take lightly. It is imperative that a learning culture is cultivated, encouraged and embedded in organization as organizations lacking in establishing a learning culture is just repeating old practices.   Leaders need toContinue reading “Challenges of Leadership and Learning Organization”

Leadership and Change Management

Transactional leadership or transformational leadership?  Blog 4 Change is a journey that does not just happen overnight. You cannot simply snap your finger and things just change. Even Thanos had to do some ground work where he went all over just looking for the infinity stones before he snapped his fingers and half the populationContinue reading “Leadership and Change Management”

Leaders and Motivation

Transformational and Charismatic Leadership Blog 3 Transformational and charismatic leadership represents the newer leadership genre and the former is one of the most widely studied form of leadership. What is the hype all about? Who are they and what defines them? Transformational leadership is a leadership style that inspire positive changes in its followers. TheContinue reading “Leaders and Motivation”

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